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10 must-see games of the Dallas Mavericks 2015-2016 season

The Mavericks will have plenty of revenge games this season.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

It's time to create space on your calendars for all of these intriguing matchups during the season. Revenge games are a small side effect of building a team solely through free agency. There are more than a handful of guys who will come into the American Airlines Center this season looking for blood. Let's take a look at some of the marquee games this year.

Benedict Jordan shows his face (vs. Clippers, Nov. 11)

Grab your pitchforks and torches for what should be the most hostile atmosphere in the league this season. DeAndre Jordan and his comrades will experience a hatred unlike anything that's ever been seen at the AAC. The Clippers will have a talent advantage, especially if Wes Matthews and Chandler Parsons are still out, but this could be a game for the ages.

Kobe's final hurrah? (vs. Lakers, Nov. 13)

This could possibly be Kobe Bryant's final season in the NBA. He'll make his only appearance at the AAC early in the season along with noted rookie D'Angelo Russell and Dallas native Julius Randle.

Chandler Parsons returns to Houston (at Rockets, Nov. 14)

When Parsons fled Houston for greener pastures in Dallas last offseason, Rockets fans were ruthless. Parsons was booed every time he touched the ball during his games in Houston last season. It should be much of the same when he returns this season with the added tension of a playoff series in the review mirror.

Wes Matthews returns to Portland (at Trail Blazers, Dec. 1)

Matthews was not happy with how the Blazers handled his free agency. He was a fan favorite in Portland, but they didn't even make him an offer. Matthews may not be met with animosity from Blazers fans, but he'll be out for a serious revenge game.

The Champs come to town (vs. Warriors, Dec. 30)

Steph Curry makes his first appearance at the AAC in the final game of 2015. Dallas should have a pretty good idea of who they are as a team by the time this game arrives. This game should serve as a litmus test for where the Mavericks stand in the West.

Reliving championship memories (at Heat, Jan. 1)

On New Year's Day, the Mavs visit Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh down in South Beach. It's always fun watching Dirk score in Miami and conjure up those glorious championship memories.

The defector returns (vs. Kings, Jan. 5)

Rajon Rondo and the hodgepodge Sacramento Kings roster make their first appearance at the AAC. The boos won't be on a DeAndre level, but they should be at a fun level. However, Rondo still knows how to gear up for the occasional big games. His best game of last season came against Boston.

The king stay the king (vs. Cavaliers, Jan. 12)

Ever since 2011, LeBron makes his mission to eviscerate the Mavs every season. At this stage of his career, LeBron picks and chooses his spots to fully engage in a game. Dallas is always one of those games.

Tyson Chandler comes home (ugh, again) (vs Suns, Jan 31

We have to do the Tyson Chandler homecoming thing again. It'll be frustrating to watch him in that bright orange uniform. He should have retired as a Maverick.

MONTAAAAAAAAA (vs. Pacers, Mar. 12)

The mercurial scorer will make his forays to the rim at the AAC once this season. The Monta Ellis era ended on a down note, but he made the last two seasons outrageously fun. Hopefully the AAC gives him the warm welcome he deserves.