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Dirk Nowitzki is clowning Dennis Schroder for no reason

And it's the greatest thing ever.

Above is a two-minute video of the German National Team practicing for Eurobasket competition -- more information on that here. More specifically, it has moments of Dirk scattered throughout, in particularly this scene where he clowns on teammate Dennis Schroder for an apparent carry on the play before -- and then half-heartedly tries to trip him.

This is Dirk's ascension to becoming the team's cool uncle aka troll aka camp counselor who's been around the place forever. And it's glorious. Here's just the gif, via Grantland's Jason Gallagher, who basically runs a black market of Dirk moments on the Internet. Seriously, how he finds these things before anyone else, I don't know.

I like Dennis' fake annoyance. As if. You should be so lucky to have Dirk pretend trip you.