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Mavericks announce preseason schedule

Basketball is coming sooner than you think.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Preseason games are 40 days away, folks. So close, yet so so far away.

The Mavericks announced their preseason schedule today. Here it is, for you to start ooohhhing and aaahhhing over:

  • October 6 vs. Denver*
  • October 7 at Houston
  • October 13 at Oklahoma City (in Tulsa)
  • October 16 vs. Atlanta
  • October 19 at Cleveland*
  • October 21 vs. Phoenix*
  • October 23 at Chicago (in Lincoln, Nebraska)

* Locally televised

One thing to watch for: whether Chandler Parsons and Wesley Matthews will be ready to go for any of these. Matthews has said recently he expects to be ready for the start of the season, as has Parsons, who recently posted a video of some rehab work. Parsons, if he's ready at all, will get to see his former team early in the preseason.

Another thing to watch for in preseason is the mish-mash of partially guaranteed guys fighting for the last few roster spot. Can the Mavs find a diamond in the rough at center during these few games, perhaps? Finally, the Mavs will get to see Tyson Chandler even before the regular season opener, as the Suns will make it out to Dallas for one of the final preseason matchups.

Forty. Days. Y'all. We can make it through the long offseason desert together.