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Wesley Matthews is running pick-and-rolls on a PhunkeeDuck

But is it legal!?

#picknroll #stepback #arrowlife

Posted by Wesley Matthews on Sunday, August 30, 2015

This is, by far, the most creative use of a PhunkeeDuck I've seen so far. Much more creative than a sad J.R. Smith or Chandler Parsons' favorite form of transportation.

Now, your first reaction might be, "Is that legal!?" And after a brief look through the NBA rulebook, I don't see anywhere that says, "Though shall not use a PhunkeeDuck on the court." So it's obviously legal. Now, we need to decide whether it actually provides an advantage: it's turning speed is pretty good and it gives Matthews a few more inches of height, but I'd imagine it would be hard to split a double team riding that.

In all seriousness, I have no clue if that's the smartest thing to do while recovering from an Achilles injury, but I'm sure it's not particularly harmful. Matthews is on the record as saying that he expects to return by opening night of the NBA season. If he's feeling well enough to mess around during practice, maybe he really will be back by then.

(h/t @hugommorais)