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Vote for your favorite Mavericks playoff games since 2000

We're trying to narrow down the best Mavericks playoff games and you can help!

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Hey folks. Beginning this week, we're running another MMB Tournament. You may remember the Dirk Game Winner and Dirk Hair tourneys from the past. Next up is the Best Mavericks playoff games since 2000 tournament -- a little wordier but hopefully just as fun.

BEFORE YOU VOTE please read below

1. Game 7 against the Spurs in 2006 and Games 2 and 6 against the Heat in 2011 were automatically included. That's why you can't vote for them.

2. While Google doesn't let me set a limit, please select a maximum of TEN games in the following poll. Obviously, selecting all of them defeats the purpose. I will disregard answers that exceed ten.

3. The top 13 seeds plus the three automatically advancing above will be put into a 16-seed tournament that will begin later this week.

That's it! Go vote. Polling will close Tuesday morning.