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DeAndre Jordan leaves agent Dan Fegan after summer 'betrayal'

Possible bias -- a "betrayal" -- on the part of his agency factored into Jordan's summer reversal.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

DeAndre Jordan has parted way with his agents from Relativity Sports, Dan Fegan and Jarin Akana, according to Brad Turner of the LA Times.

Jordan, of course, verbally committed to the Mavericks before changing his mind hours before the NBA moratorium was lifted on June 9. Of the numerous reasons given for his change, Jordan felt like he had been betrayed by his agents, particularly Fegan, who he thought was biased towards Dallas. Fegan and Mavericks owner Mark Cuban are close, but the two denied that their relationship had anything to do with Fegan's opinion that Dallas was best for him.

Obviously, without physically walking through those few days with Jordan, it's hard to really say. It did seem clear, though, that Jordan initially told his agents that he wanted expand his game -- or, at the very least, was convinced that's what he wanted after meeting with Chandler Parsons, Cuban and the rest of the Mavericks representation.

If that's what Jordan wanted or said he wanted, it only made sense for Fegan to push him towards Dallas. But truthfully, we'll never know what really happened behind the scenes. If Jordan did feel like his agents weren't looking out for what was best for him, then certainly they were going to part ways. He ended up signing his deal with the Clippers without Fegan even present after icing him out on Wednesday.

As to why it took so long? Beats me. Maybe this?