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Mavs Moneyball is accepting story pitches

An opportunity to write for our site.

Writer's block is tough.
Writer's block is tough.
Carsten Koall/Getty Images

It's hot outside, SportsCenter is running 24/7 highlights of NFL training camps and basketball is still way too far away. Here at Mavs Moneyball, we are in the midst of planning out content, but we would also like to look outside our staff to help you through the offseason doldrums.

Mavs Moneyball is accepting story pitches from anyone to run on with your name attached to it. We cannot pay, unfortunately, but we will promote your work and your Twitter handle like we do with all of our stories.

A few guidelines
  • Please submit a story pitch, not an actual story. Not every story pitch will be accepted for a variety of reasons. You can submit multiple story pitches, although please don't flood our emails unnecessarily.
  • Be creative. It must relate to the Mavericks in some manner, but beyond that, your topic can be anything: analysis, personal experiences, funny rankings, serious lists, strategic proposals, what if scenarios, on and on and on with whatever your mind can think of. Literally anything. If you are a frequent reader of the site, you should have a good feel for the type of voice we cultivate and the type of ideas we would publish. If you aren't, it might be helpful to browse through our archives, our features section or our #misc section. You can also read our first freelance story from last week by Aliyaho Pearce right here.
  • It's unlikely we will accept any more pitches specifically about to the DeAndre Jordan fiasco, unless you have a unique way of approaching the situation. We've covered it enough.
  • If we do approve a story and you submit it, we retain the right to not publish it if it no longer works for us. However, this is a last resort. We'd prefer to work with you and make it publishable, including a round of editing or incorporating our feedback on a draft. The idea of this exercise is to find stories that can be published.
What should be in your pitch email
  • It should be a few paragraphs long, describing what your idea is and how you plan to write it. You should have an idea that's fleshed out and ready to be written, not just a general topic. What angle will you take? What evidence will you use to support your premise?
  • If you have previous writing experience, feel free to attach an example or two.
  • Please email sbnmavsmoneyball[at]gmail[dot]com with your pitch.
  • Depending on the number of pitches we receive, we may only be able to respond briefly to your email, but we'll try to say yes or no to everyone who emails us. If we say no, you can always submit it as a fanpost to the site, too.