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Mavericks almost brought Steve Nash out of retirement this summer

Nash and Dirk were almost reunited for one final hurrah.

Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

The 2015 offseason served as a revolving door for the Dallas Mavericks. Players came and went -- some came and went more in a more duplicitous manner than others -- leaving the Mavericks with a newly minted roster of players looking to prove their worth. Amidst the chaos of dealmaking during the free agent frenzy, Mark Cuban and the front office reached out to Dirk Nowitzki's longtime best friend Steve Nash. The former two-time MVP retired in March, but Marc Stein reports that the Mavericks got in touch with Nash during the summer months:

Sources said as recently as late June -- when Nash played in longtime teammate Dirk Nowitzki's annual charity baseball game -- the Dallas Mavericks were still hoping to lobby Nash to consider unretiring and reuniting with Nowitzki as a spot-duty point guard for the coming season.

Although both are long in the tooth, a Nash and Nowitzki reunion would have been a pure joy to watch. The 2004 Nash decision is one of the true low points of the Nowitzki era. Bringing Nash back into the fold wouldn't remedy any of the Mavericks' ailments, but it would be plenty of fun; at the end of the day, this sport is about fun. It's a shame this didn't come to fruition.

Stein's ESPN report was mainly about Nash being close to taking a consulting job with the Warriors. We certainly wish him the best of luck there.