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Chandler Parsons eyeing opening night return

Don't call it a least not quite yet.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Chandler Parsons is still optimistic about returning to action once the NBA season begins. On Wednesday, he told the participants of the Dallas Mavericks Fantasy Camp that he is targeting an opening night return, according to's Earl K. Sneed.

Parsons has been rehabbing a knee injury all summer after being forced to sit out all but the first game of the Mavs' first round playoff series with the Houston Rockets. As of about two weeks ago, Parsons began getting up shots for the first time and posted a video to his Instagram to prove it.

Tuesday was the first time that Parsons put the ball on the floor, so to speak. It means that he is undergoing training exercises with the basketball. According to new employee and friend of the site Bobby Karalla, head coach Rick Carlisle stated that Parsons could have done more advanced work sooner. However, yesterday was the first day in which he was cleared to do so. Parsons told campers that his knee is "feeling great."

Until now, the Mavericks have been relatively mum about Parsons' injury and recovery effort. The only information the organization divulged was that Parsons underwent knee surgery on May 1st. The type of surgery he had was never disclosed and comments made by Parsons at an NBA Cares event earlier in the summer only fueled speculation that his injury may be more serious than first suggested.

However, with Parsons beginning workouts and working on his shot (hopefully his shooting arc) it seems as though the worst fears about his injury were unfounded. While it may still be optimistic to expect Parsons to return on opening night, it appears that a return to action is well at hand.