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Chandler Parsons, Wesley Matthews won't be healthy by training camp, per report

JaVale McGee is also expected to miss the start of camp for Dallas.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

As expected, Chandler Parsons, Wesley Matthews and JaVale McGee will all miss the start of Mavericks training camp next Tuesday with preexisting injuries, ESPN Dallas' Tim MacMahon reported on Monday.

Parsons underwent knee surgery to repair cartilage following the Mavericks' five-game loss in the first round to the Houston Rockets and Matthews tore his Achilles in March. McGee's season was cut short with complication from stress fractures in his left tibia and he will also miss the start of training camp.

This is expected. The Parsons injury has been shrouded with mystery ever since he underwent surgery, with the type of surgery Parsons had never fully explained nor a timetable given. Matthews told Mavs Moneyball that he would be ready for opening day, but Achilles injuries may be the most severe muscular injury a player can sustain in the NBA. When I interviewed a doctor who treats Achilles tendons for athletes, he said that it typically took six months before a player who resume all activities and eight months before they were fully healthy.

Neither Parsons nor Matthews missing training camp is a huge blow. Both are established NBA players and the Mavericks know what they can do. The key questions for both is whether they can be ready for the start of the NBA season or if they do miss time, how much.

JaVale McGee's injury puts the Mavericks in a trickier spot simply because they don't know what he can do. McGee is signed to a partially guaranteed contract and a strong preseason from the inconsistent leaper could convince the Mavericks he's part of their plan this year. Without seeing positive signs from him, though, McGee might not make the roster. Worse, he could make the roster without merit and take the spot of one of the other fringe players who does perform well enough to make the team.

Mavericks media day is next Monday and training camp starts the day after. Look for player interviews and other reports straight from the American Airlines Center.