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Mavericks NBA 2K16 ratings released, Chandler Parsons gets no respect

If you're looking for a fun rebuilding project in this year's game, you may want to consider Dallas.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

It's officially 2K season once again. That's good. It's a sign that basketball season is right around the corner. That's also good.

But you know what's not good? The NBA 2K16 ratings for the Dallas Mavericks. Those are not good, but they're not bad either. (h/t to The Smoking Cuban)

This doesn't look good

I'd like to take this time to point out that DeAndre Jordan (86) would be the highest-rated Maverick had he not talked to Doc Rivers' son via Snapchat and decided to go back to Los Angeles. Instead, Dirk Nowitzki is, once again, the highest-rated Dallas player at 84 overall. Right behind Dirk is the newly-acquired Wesley Matthews at 81, then Chandler Parsons at 79.

First thing that comes to mind: ehhhhhhhh.

It would be ideal if your team's highest-rated player was not 37 years old and showed his age last season. But hey, this is 2K16 we're talking about. You can make Dirk a 99 overall and have him do Michael Jordan's free-throw-line dunk for all I care. But for Dirk to be at an 84 while LeBron James is the highest at 94, that's pretty rad.

Behind him, Parsons falling at 79 is bizarre. That's behind Gordon Hayward, Rudy Gay (both 83) and Andrew Wiggins (80). DeMarre Carroll is a 79. Would anyone really take Carroll over Parsons?

At least Dallas' starting lineup is somewhat decent. Deron Williams is a respectable 78, and beloved fan favorite of two months Zaza Pachulia is an OK 73. Is 73 really OK, though? I guess we'll find out when he takes his first swing at DeAndre Jordan.

My other real problem with these ratings: why is Dwight Powell only a 68 overall? The man deserves more respect than he gets, given his God-like abilities. I mean, he's the future of the franchise. They should really take those things into consideration.

Time to rebuild

In NBA 2K16 this year, you have the power to relocate a franchise in MyGM. While I highly recommend you use your smarts and not relocate the Mavericks, you should start thinking of ways you can rebuild this franchise.

Because, you know, this wasn't supposed to be a rebuilding year, but why not take the bull by the horns and use every bit of cap space at your disposal to get Kevin Durant in 2016? Maybe you can tank and get Ben Simmons with the first overall pick.

This is the perfect roster to rebuild with, if you're into that sort of thing. If you like the idea of having a Big Three of D-Will, Wes and Parsons for the foreseeable future, then God bless you.

Can you win a virtual championship with this team?

Can you? Absolutely. Will you? If you believe it, it will come true. Yes, I just read that from a fortune cookie.