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Rick Carlisle says Jeremy Evans will play some center, as he should

Evans has some Brandan Wright in him, something Carlisle pointed out at media day.

If you haven't followed his career, it's easy to assume that new Maverick 6'9 forward Jeremy Evans fits the mold of a traditional wing player. He certainly has the frame for it. However, you won't find him lingering on the perimeter. Evans has made a name for himself working close to and above the rim, even netting a dunk contest title in 2012.

In a traditional sense, Evans is a power forward. Last season with the Utah Jazz, he played 68.7 percent of his minutes at the 4. Coming into this season, it was easy to assume that he could split time with Charlie Villanueva backing up Dirk Nowitzki. However, head coach Rick Carlisle also has plans to play him at center occasionally.

Center isn't an unnatural fit for Evans. Other than power forward, it's the only position he played for the Jazz last season. And the comparison to Brandan Wright isn't as far off as it may seem.

While Evans likely won't match the insane efficiency of Wright, he scores well inside. Last season, he connected on 77.8 percent of his shots inside the restricted area, taking most of his shots inside the circle. He's also great at the pick and roll.

If Carlisle is willing to play Evans more at the 5, it signals a move towards a smaller, more athletic lineup at times a la the Golden State Warriors. However, it's probably just a reaction to the reality of the personnel making up the roster. Whatever the case, Evans' athleticism should be one of the highlights off the bench.