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MMB Podcast, Ep. 9: Steven LeBron tells us about hanging out with Chandler Parsons

Alex Wong aka @steven_lebron spent two hours with Parsons in New York City and wrote about it for GQ. We ask him for details.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Last week, GQ published a story about Chandler Parsons that you definitely should read. The author was Alex Wong, who you may know from basketball Twitter as @steven_lebron. If you don't follow him, correct that now. Alex agreed to hop on with Austin and I for a short podcast talking about the piece, how it came about and what exactly Parsons was like in the two hours spent together.

As always, you can download this episode through iTunes (search "Mavs Moneyball Podcast") or most other smartphone podcast applications. A big thanks again to Alex for making time, so follow him and read that piece. Enjoy!

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