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Tyson Chandler never believed DeAndre Jordan would join Mavericks

Chandler has harsh words towards a team that never treated him with respect.

During Suns media day former Dallas Maverick Tyson Chandler was asked his thoughts on his former team pursuing Los Angeles Clipper DeAndre Jordan.

This whole saga is like a scab that keeps getting torn off. It won't end. We all knew Tyson Chandler wasn't happy that the Mavericks didn't bother to make a cursory offer. That Dallas brazenly pursued Jordan before free agency had even started (remember Dez Bryant making the pitch during Dirk Nowitzki's Celebrity Baseball Game?) was not in good taste, in hindsight.

Tyson Chandler doesn't bother to hide his disdain here and he shouldn't. He's the best center in recent Dallas Mavericks history and it's not close. Mark Cuban massively miscalculated twice, letting Tyson walk after 2011 and again this past summer.

As much as we'd all like to move on from missing out on DeAndre Jordan, the decision by Maverick management is going to have ramifications throughout this season and beyond. This Tyson video is just another instance of reopening an old wound.

(h/t @maucasillas94)