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Deron Williams likes the Mavericks 'stability', except their roster doesn't have any

The Mavericks have had nearly 60 players in and out of Dallas since 2011.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

There's a lot for Deron Williams to like coming to Dallas. He's a native of The Colony. Rick Carlisle and Mark Cuban are two of the NBA's best coaches and owners. It's a departure from Brooklyn and a fresh start with a highly regarded medical staff with a team that may need to learn on Williams early in the year with two starters possibly missing the start of the season.

Wanting "stability," though, seems like a bit of a stretch for a team that's had 53 teammates suit up for Dirk since 2011 -- with several more, including Williams, set to debut with the team this year. Dallas has had a different core of starters every year since the championship year and there's no guarantee Williams' arrival will herald anything different. Here's what Williams said in an interview with, his first interview given since signing in Dallas.

"There's definitely a stability about this organization that's definitely intriguing," Williams said. "You know, they have guys that have been here forever, so it's just about plugging in the new pieces — myself included — and just trying to get to work."

If Williams was just referring to the organization in general, then he's mostly correct, with the Mavericks' basketball operations staff mostly remaining the same since Carlisle was hired in 2008. However, there is growing concern that Carlisle could depart after this season.

Here's the rest of what Williams said:

"A fresh start is what I'm most excited about," Williams said Wednesday during an exclusive interview with while making an appearance at the organization's fantasy camp. "You know, playing with this group of guys, I feel like we have a great group of guys here, and so (I'm looking forward to) just getting everybody healthy and getting on the court with them."

He added: "It's been a great transition for me. You know, it's tough to pick up and move that quick and find schools for your kids and all that. But, as far as what's going on here, these guys have been great and helping. The transition has been really smooth, and I'm excited about this season."

Williams also had some complimentary words about Dirk -- I mean, who doesn't -- and talked about his relationship with Wesley Matthews, who he spent a season with in Utah when Matthews was a rookie.