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Mavericks Playoff Tournament: 2011 Finals Game 6 vs. 2011 Semifinals Game 1

Two 2011 playoffs classics. However will you choose?

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Over the next couple of weeks, Mavs Moneyball is trying to determine the best Mavericks playoff game since 2000.Here's our homepage, with every game, seed and matchup. Your votes are being recorded below!

(1) 2011 Finals, Game 6 vs. Miami

It had to happen like this. It had to.

For 20 games, Dirk Nowitzki had more or less thrown the entire Mavericks roster in a rundown minivan, told them, "I got this," then dragged them to a Finals-clinching Game 6 with a bungee cord wrapped around the bumper. On the 21st game, his team crawled out and -- one by one -- told Dirk right back, "We got this."

While Dirk struggled to a 1-of-11 first half, Jason Terry lit up like an illegal Chinese firework, spewing in points from all over the floor. DeShawn Stevenson hit threes. Tyson Chandler did his thing. Ian Mahinmi nailed a buzzer beating elbow jumper. Brian Cardinal dropped a corner three and, perhaps more importantly, Dwyane Wade on a charge take. J.J. Barea scored FIFTEEN. I'm sure Jason Kidd and Shawn Marion were involved in some way or another.

Then in the last six minutes or so, Dirk solemnly thanked them for their service. He shook their hands -- one by one -- and ushered them back into the van. He said, "I got this," and he did. And the Mavericks won a championship. And Dirk had to run to the locker room because he was overcome with emotions. And then he sung an off-key rendition of "We are the Champions." But first, there was the unforgettable Game 6 that began it all, and we love it for that reason.

- Tim (@tim_cato)

(16) 2011 Semifinals, Game 1 vs. Lakers

This will be forever known as the Corey Brewer game. The Mavs went down 16 early in the third quarter against the defending champs and the game appeared out of reach. But Rick Carlisle reached deep into his rotation for Corey Brewer and his beautifully chaotic game. The deficit nearly vanished during Brewer’s brief stint during the third quarter. This game won’t advance in the tournament, but we shouldn’t minimize its importance in the pantheon of great Maverick playoff games. At the time, the Lakers were the 3-time defending champions.

They were expected to dispose of the Mavs easily in that series. Brewer’s short spurt in that third quarter was an enormous pivot point in that glorious series. Kobe nearly nullified it with a game-winning basketball, but sometimes that’s just the way basketball go. Long live Corey Brewer.

- Austin (@garooya)