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Even Zaza Pachulia's son uses Wesley Matthews' bow-and-arrow celebration

The future is now.

There were a lot of questions surrounding Wesley Matthews when the Mavericks signed him to a max contract last summer. Was he healthy? How soon could he play? Would he return to form? Are his archery skills as good as William Tell?

Well, he's answered each and every one of those questions. The thing I don't thing anyone expected, though, was that his archery skills would actually surpass those of Tell. They have and it's been amazing.

For those unfamiliar, Wes' on-court celebration after knocking down a 3-pointer is to draw an invisible arrow from his quiver and shoot it with his invisible bow. It's a celebration that's wholeheartedly embraced by Mavs fans at this point. Even the players have taken to doing it. It's contagious. Even the kids are doing it. No, really. Take a look at Zaza Paculia's kid:

@wessywes23 look what you did to my son #

A video posted by Zaza Pachulia (@zazapachulia) on


Wait, no. Wrong reference. Anyway, with shots like those, I guess Zaza's kid doesn't have any dreams of becoming a center. Thanks, Steph Curry.