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Here's a photo of Dirk Nowitzki wearing a cowboy hat. We have so many questions


Shortly after recording a podcast, Austin and I stumbled across this terribly, tragically important Mavericks photo on Instagram that will forever define the way we remember this season.

@swish41 is ready to hoop!!

A photo posted by ChandlerParsons (@chandlerparsons) on

We have questions.

1. What type of Jimmy John's is that, Dirk? Also, why Jimmy John's, because Jimmy John's is trash.

2. Does Mrs. Nowitzki know about that hat?

3. Seriously, we have so many questions about the hat. Where did he get it? Why is he wearing it in Chicago? Why is he wearing it? Why wouldn't he just wear it in Texas where it's slightly more culturally acceptable?


5. What the hell is that face?

6. You're the sixth-leading scorer in the NBA. Do you have any self-respect?

7. How are you going to get Chandler Parsons back for this?

8. Do you think Adam Silver would let him wear that hat during tonight's game?

9. Did you lose a bet, bro?

10. Why is the team bus so ghetto?

11. W H Y DIRK W H Y