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4 things we learned from the Mavericks' 112-83 trouncing by the Spurs

Spoiler alert: the Spurs are really good.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

As the Mavs continue a stretch of tough matchups, they met the Spurs in San Antonio tonight with predictable results. After all, San Antonio leads the league in so many categories.

This one was pretty much over by the middle of the third quarter, and with a back to back looming and a 25 point deficit and Rick Carlisle ejected for arguing with refs, the Mavs went to the bench mob with eight plus minutes to go in the game. I guess I expected a slightly more competitive game a la the first half, but you know, they got Spurs'd.

Here are a few takeaways for you. Feel free to add your own takeaways in the comments and see y'all tomorrow against Boston.

JaVale McGee proves his worth

In JaVale McGee's second quarter stint, he proved to be an amazing asset for the Mavs. He had 3 blocked shots, grabbed 5 rebounds, had at least one really awesome pass, and a couple of highlight-y dunks to boot (2-2 shooting).

I wish Carlisle had stayed with him a bit more, since the lineups with him seemed to be working much better -- the Mavs were keeping pace with the Spurs until he went out, then San Antonio went on a 17-2 run after that to end the half. Carlisle went to him early in the second half, presumably to get some of that same momentum back, but by then it was either too late or the minutes restrictions came into play.

Nonetheless, while Zaza will continue to get the nod as the starter, as McGee gets better and better, and if he can continue to contribute like this consistently, I don't think I'd be surprised to see him getting some increased playing time (minutes restrictions notwithstanding), especially in match-ups where his athleticism is sorely needed.

Shotmaking is still frustratingly inconsistent

If the Mavs ever wanted to have a chance to keep up with the Spurs (lol) and the likes of them in the league and start winning some of these games, they simply have to start making more shots on a more consistent basis. Dwight Powell may be learning, but his close misses are too much of a trend. Dirk went 0-for-some-big-number to start the game. #ContractYearRaymondFelton missed some easy looks he's made in his sleep of late. Wes Matthews was about the only Maverick worth writing home about on offense, but even he wasn't that fantastic.

The Mavs simply have no hope of beating some of these better teams if they continue to miss easy shot opportunities. Then again, I didn't expect them to be fifth in the West this season either, so you know.

Defense was decent?

I thought it was, at least in the first half. I didn't know the words "Mavs" and "defense" went together ever but here we are.

Raymond Felton's shoes

Green with neon green trim, to go with the Hardwood Classics jerseys. A+ selection.