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JaVale McGee celebrated his birthday by watching himself dunk on people

McGee's still the greatest.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

We here at Mavs Moneyball feel awful, we truly do. You see, it seems we missed the birthday of the one and only JaVale Mcgee. Our occasionally used center turned the ripe old age of 28 yesterday. And he think's he's old now, as evidenced by his social media activity this morning.

Though we don't actually know what JaVale did to celebrate his birthday, he did spend at least some time retweeting folks who Vined some of his crazy highlights from this season.

It started with a ridiculous block against the Cavaliers:

Then he shared the NBA's highlight of his reverse oop slam over the Miami Heat

Next he shared the obscene drive and dunk against the Bucks. How did they let him get all the way to the rim?

After that JaVale shared highlights of what was probably his best game of the season against the Sacramento Kings:

It's not like JaVale needed an excuse to post highlights from his 27th year on Earth, but we're glad he did. He's quickly becoming a Dallas Mavericks fan favorite and it's pretty easy to see why.

From all of us at Mavs Moneyball, happy birthday JaVale.