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The best Dallas Mavericks iPhone and smartphone cases right here

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Sometimes, wandering around the deep reaches of the Internet, our staff stumbles across something that's just so damn cool. Like this iPhone case featuring the likeness of Dirk Nowitzki shooting the Apple logo in what will surely be a perfect swish.

This isn't sponsored or anything -- it's just way too cool not to share. You can buy it here; right now, it looks like iPhone 6 covers are sold out, but iPhone 5 ones are available.

I can't vouch for the quality -- the last bullet point calls the case "highly durable" then proceeds to tell you it can easily scratch because it's plastic, so figure that one out -- but it's a fantastic design, so maybe it's worth the price tag after all if you have a iPhone 5 or they restock the new one.

UPDATE because somehow this is a developing story:

Here's another phone case that is so sick. I think I prefer the minimalistic Dirk above but if you want a slightly more realistic one, stop looking and buy this now. It's cheaper, too, by a little bit. Here's where you can buy. Still just iPhone, though. : (

While we're here, this is where you can buy official Mavericks phone cases, but, of course, none are nearly as cool as these.

I don't see any Mavericks cases here, but this site has a bunch of cool-looking NBA designs you could dig through and finally find something.

And here's some officially licensed cases on another site, including an entire Dallas Maverick section.