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Ranking every Instagram video of Dirk Nowitzki beating the Lakers

We dove into Lakers Nation Instagram like it was Zapruder film and came out with this.

Last night I discovered my new favorite hobby. There isn't a name for it yet but I'm thinking of something along the lines of "Dirk Watching", "Dirk 360" or "The Assassination of Laker Nation by the Hero Dirk Nowitzki".

While I ponder on the name a bit more, let's walk through the rules so you can partake:

Step 1: Observe Dirk killing Laker Nation on live TV
Step 2: Scream at the top of your lungs
Step 3: Text your family that you've found true happiness
Step 4: Get on Instagram and start browsing fan footage of Dirk's game winner
Step 5: Smile forever

Now that you're up to speed, let's POWER RANK the different camera angles of Dirk's shot that were uploaded to Instagram via Lakers Nation.

But before we begin, let's set the stage by diving into the mindset of Laker fans prior to the game.

#bored #selfie #lakers #nike #dirtymirror #likeforlike #followforfollow #snapchat

A photo posted by Tristan Shields-Tobisch (@shieldstobisch23) on

Fascinating. Now let's get on with the POWER RANKINGS.

1. This dude screamed "NOOOOOO!" as soon as Dirk got the iso on Randle and it murdered me.
2. Great view of the shot and Kobe love. Warm feelings and the dude on the corner of the court just up and left after Dirk got his bucket.
3. First, shouts to Peyton Manning for being present. Second, shouts to the hero who is reminded everyone around him that Dirk "hit the shot" over and over again. We couldn't have done this without you. And finally, shouts to "Pizza Steve" for having such a wonderful Instagram username.

#DirkNowitzki #GoHeadShot #9290 #Mavs

A video posted by Tonyonefive Eightand Lizzy (@pizzasteve158) on

4. Whoever screams "Yeah Baby!" deserves a medal.

Dirk with the game winner. Dallas wins 92 90. #lakers #kobewasmissed #illbebacksoon

A video posted by Brandon Still (@bstill08) on

5."Don't give him baseline!"

6. Appreciate the caption here but it's the hashtag that got me. His #FirstLakersGame? Have a heart, Dirk.
7. There go Dirk... There go Dirk. OOAAAH. Dirk!" - Emmy winning color commentator

Let's Go! Dirk wit the game winning shot! #Mavs #staplescenter

A video posted by PE$O (@jrpeso) on

8. A bit blurry but they hashtagged #futurehalloffamer so it made the list.

Mavs vs lakers #dirknowitzki #gamewinner #futurehalloffamer

A video posted by Ramon Serrano (@ramonserrano89) on

9. Solid showing of MFFLs in this one.

10. Look at Roy Hibbert. Look at Roy Hibbert. Look at Roy Hibbert.

Dirk lo gana solo #Lakers #Mavericks #Nba

A video posted by Camilo Cohen (@caamicohen) on

11. This captures the agony of the entire arena. Dirk is cold.

So this happened. #la #mustbenice #lakers #mavs #redirkulous

A video posted by Anton Borkel (@longlivemovies) on

12. Solid hashtags here including: #deutschmamba #shutitdown #letsgohome #takethatwitchu

So that does it for the Power Rankings. But before we leave, let's check back in on the mindset of Laker fans after Dirk hit the game winner. (Warning, some language in that video.)
LOVE U, Lakers Nation.