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Dwight Powell is going to NBA All-Star Weekend for the Rising Stars Challenge

The Canadian Powell will represent the Mavericks in Toronto this year.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA announced that Mavericks forward Dwight Powell will join the World Team in the Rising Stars Challenge at All-Star Weekend, an event that replaced the traditional rookie and sophomore challenge last year. Powell is the first player to represent the Mavericks in this event since Devin Harris in 2006.

Powell has played in all but two of the Mavericks games this season, averaging about seven points and five rebounds in 17 minutes. Of course, his inclusion was helped by the new format: players from the United States like Julius Randle are being left home while Powell gets the nod on the international team.

There was some consternation among NBA bloggers that Boban Marjanovic, but Boban's only played 27 games for San Antonio, a far cry from Powell's 45 appearances. So whatever, Boban would be more excited, sure, but I think Powell's earned it, sorta, even if he's on the verge of falling out of the Mavericks' rotation. The fact that the game's being played in Powell's home town probably didn't hurt his inclusion, which is decided by an assistant coaches vote.

If Dirk Nowitzki doesn't make the All-Star roster, Powell might be the only Maverick represented in All-Star Weekend. Unless Chandler Parsons returns to earn his rightful crown in that NBA fashion show thing they did.