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The Mavericks fed me a hamburger created by Justin Anderson and it truly was, without any hyperbole, one of the most delicious things I've consumed in the 22 years I've spent on this Earth

(If that headline doesn't win a Pulitzer I'm suing the world)

I always felt like my role at Mavs Moneyball was leading me towards a life-defining moment. A few weeks ago, I would have said that moment would be me getting a full-time job or something that, at the time, seemed important. Now I realized it was leading me to sampling this burger created by Justin Anderson.

I think they told me all the pertinent info but I was so focused on eating this burger that it didn't even phase me so I'm just gonna quote the press release they sent out.

1/3 pound burger topped with apple wood smoked bacon and deviled egg aioli, provolone cheese, vine ripened tomato and shredded lettuce on Old Bay butter Texas toast served with Sriracha cheese fries

The Just-In-Time Burger will be served at various concession stands around the main concourse and Platinum Club levels for $12.

Here's some more thoughts I had, via Twitter dot com.

Justin Anderson was pleased.

God bless the Mavericks' PR staff they are the real heroes here. And Justin Anderson. But mostly that burger. Wow. What a time to be alive.