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No, the Mavericks' clock operator didn't cheat to give Dallas an extra second

It was a TV mistake.

If you watch the clock, something very wrong and apparently very illegal happens on Deron Williams' final shot.

The clock very clearly jumps UP one second on the TV before running down, giving Deron Williams enough time for a pump fake before draining his shot. However, it's actually the broadcast that got this wrong, not a cheating clock operator.

What actually happened was the broadcast didn't reset the clock after the shot clock violation. The clock had ran too long and in the arena, the officials corrected it to 2.3 seconds. I was there. It clearly said 2.3 seconds. The official box score says 0:02 seconds. Something happened to the TV, though, and it didn't correct itself until Williams touched the ball. But it wasn't another second added.

There's the explanation to a minor Twitter controversy. We all good now?