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Rajon Rondo tried to kick Deron Williams from the bench in the first OT

Oh come on.

Back spasms held Rajon Rondo out of Tuesday's game, which would have been his first trip back to Dallas since being dismissed from the team in last year's first round playoff series. That didn't stop him from trying to make an impact, I guess?

In the first overtime, Deron Williams catches the ball in front of Rondo and the Kings' bench. I'm not sure whether to call this an attempted kick, just Rondo sticking his leg out or what, but it certainly appears to be an attempt to interfere with the shooter. Here's video of the play in question. Despite looking similar, this isn't actually the 3-pointer that Deron would win the game with in double overtime.

Sigh. This most certainly is peak Rondo.

(Correction: I originally identified the play as the game-winning attempt. My apologies.)

(h/t @PatDoneyNBC5)