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Zaza Pachulia bizarrely leads Dirk Nowitzki in All-Star voting

All-Star voting is weird, man.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The latest All-Star voting results were released today and Zaza Pachulia checked in at No. 8 among Western Conference front court players with 194,421 votes. Dirk Nowitzki, meanwhile sits at No. 13 with 99,681 votes. ZAZA HAS NEARLY DOUBLE WHAT DIRK HAS.

All-Star voting is pretty silly as it is, but this is nuts. As much as we all love Pachulia, he's ahead of guys like DeMarcus Cousins and LaMarcus Aldridge to start an NBA All-Star game. Plus, being ahead of Dirk by that much is questionable as it is, although I'm sure this is the year that Dirk would love to sit out and chill on a beach or something.

Of course, the votes only decide the top five, and clearly Dirk would be the only Maverick with a chance of getting picked by the coaches in charge of the selecting the rest of the roster.

In case you were wondering about the rest of the ballot, Kobe Bryant is still the leading vote getter with 1,262,118 (which is also ridiculous but it's his farewell tour so whatever I guess). Stephen Curry leads the Western Conference guards (Kobe's a forward for some reason) with 925,789, while LeBron James leads the Eastern Conference overall with 636,388.

The best thing about all of this is that Zaza and Dirk are both ahead of DeAndre Jordan, who is at No. 14 among Western Conference frontcourt players. But, that's none of our business.