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Rick Carlisle said the Mavericks’ ‘abominable’ start was like a Donald Trump debate performance

NBA: Preseason-Houston Rockets at Dallas Mavericks Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Rick Carlisle wasn’t pleased with his starters, who went down 21-4 in the first quarter to the Houston Rockets. The U.S. Presidential Debate was happening at the same time, and while Carlisle didn’t watch it (as he was coaching a game), he made a safe assumption about what happened and made this analogy after the game.

Holy crap. That’s a zinger against his own team and Donald Trump in just 14 words. We’ve always known Rick Carlisle’s a top-two coach in the NBA, and he proved it here.

I greatly appreciated some of the Twitter quote tweets that came along with it.

Carlisle’s just a people pleaser.