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Previewing EVERY Mavericks game for the 2016-17 season

From Game 1 to Game 82, here’s a short preview for every game Dallas plays this season.

NBA: Preseason-Dallas Mavericks at Milwaukee Bucks Mary Langenfeld-USA TODAY Sports

Oct. 26 at Pacers

The offense is off to an explosive start as every starter hits double digits, and the game goes down to the wire.

Oct. 28 vs. Rockets

Home opener! Dirk! Basketball! Energy! Loud Noises! Wes hits six threes! Dallas wins!

Oct. 30 at Rockets

The Rockets have their revenge in a blowout loss for the Mavs. Harden casually drops 40.

Nov. 2 at Jazz

Harrison Barnes scores 25 and leads Dallas to victory. Preseason naysayers feel silly.

Nov. 4 vs. Trail Blazers

First overtime of the season comes against the Blazers, continuing last year’s trend.

Nov. 6 vs. Bucks

Say it with me: “YAHN-iss ahn-deh-toh-KOON-poh”

Nov. 8 at Lakers

The Lakers keep it close with Russell and Ingram, but the Mavs pull away in the end.

Nov. 9 at Warriors

Nov. 14 at Knicks

The Mavs take on the newest “super team.” Derrick Rose is not that super.

Nov. 16 at Celtics

Neither team scores more than 85 points. Barnes’ preseason naysayers feel vindicated.

Nov. 18 vs. Grizzlies

The AAC welcomes Chandler Parsons back to Dallas. He’s still under heavy restrictions and plays just 16 minutes.

Nov. 19 at Magic

Aaron Gordon vs. Justin Anderson dunk contest preview!

Nov. 21 at Spurs

Dirk has a quiet moment to himself while pondering life without Tim Duncan.

Nov. 23 vs. Clippers

The AAC warmly welcomes DeAndre Jordan. Just kidding, everyone’s still pretty mad and the boos are still going strong.

Nov. 25 at Cavaliers

The Mavs face the defending champs for the first time. Rumors of LeBron’s demise have been greatly exaggerated.

Nov. 27 vs. Pelicans


Nov. 30 vs. Spurs

Kawhi Leonard is somehow still getting better.

Dec. 1 at Hornets

Deron Williams puts the team on his back in the fourth quarter for a comeback win.

Dec. 3 vs. Bulls

Dallas keep the Bulls under 20 percent from three.

Dec. 5 vs. Hornets

J.J. Barea has a random scoring outburst, as he does.

Dec. 7 vs. Kings

Demarcus Cousins versus Andrew Bogut, Round One.

Dec. 9 vs. Pacers

Monta Ellis revenge game! He and Dirk go head to head and score 30 points each.

Dec. 10 at Rockets

Dwight Powell goes for 20 and 10, leaving Rockets fans with a vague feeling of Dwight deja vu...

Dec. 12 vs. Nuggets

Bogut (knees) sits this one out, giving us an epic Mejri versus Josef Nurkic battle. GAME ON!

Dec. 14 vs. Pistons

Andre Drummond attempts 25 free throws.... he hits nine.... shooting underhanded.

Dec. 16 at Jazz

The stadium is less than half full because everyone is watching Rogue One.

Dec. 18 vs. Kings

Quincy Acy revenge game!

Dec. 19 at Nuggets

Dallas has one of those third quarters.

Dec. 21 at Trail Blazers

Wes unsuccessfully attempts to rejoin the Blazers.

Dec. 23 at Clippers

Salah Mejri dunks on DeAndre Jordan, gets a technical for taunting.

Dec. 26 at Pelicans

First game of four-in-five-nights starts off well with a solid team win.

Dec. 27 vs. Rockets

Dirk rests, giving Powell the start. He leads the team in scoring.

Dec. 29 at Lakers

Hey! Kobe’s here!

Dec. 30 at Warriors

Seth Curry > Steph Curry overreaction game.

Jan. 3 vs. Wizards

Wes Matthews hits eight threes.

Jan. 5 vs. Suns

A game that looked lost is won because of Devin Harris’ heroics.

Jan. 7 vs. Hawks

Mavs score 11 first-quarter points.

Jan. 9 at Timberwolves

So this is what the draft is for...

Jan. 12 at Suns

Quincy Acy pulls down 15 rebounds.

Jan. 15 vs. Timberwolves

Seth Curry breaks out and hits seven threes.

Jan. 17 at Bulls

This happens, because we do deserve nice things:

Jan. 19 at Heat

Whiteside devastates the Mavs with 10 blocks.

Jan. 20 vs. Jazz

Salah posterizes Rudy Gobert. The vine goes viral.

Jan. 22 vs. Lakers

A fan hits the half-time half-court shot.

Jan. 25 vs. Knicks

PorzinGod dunks over the entire Mavs starting five.

Jan. 26 at Thunder

Andrew Bogut celebrates Australia Day by going for 30 and 15.

Jan. 29 at Spurs

Someone you’ve never heard of scores 20 for the Spurs.

Jan. 30 vs. Cavaliers

J.R Smith is still not wearing a shirt.

Feb. 1 vs. 76ers

Joel Embiid is now your master, and you will obey him.

Feb. 3 at Trail Blazers

Dirk has an off shooting night. Cue the “Is Dirk done?” takes.

Feb. 6, at Nuggets

Dirk leads the team in scoring. Cue the “Dirk’s still got it” headlines.

Feb. 7 vs. Trail Blazers

Justin Anderson gets a “DNP - Coach’s decision”.

Feb. 9 vs. Jazz

Whatever happens, it’s less weird than this:

Feb. 11 vs. Magic

Somehow this one goes to double overtime.

Feb. 13 vs. Celtics

Justin Anderson chase-down blocks Jae Crowder. A certain MMB contingent smiles.

Feb. 15 at Pistons

Boban. Boban is really big.

Feb. 24 at Timberwolves

Harrison Barnes slump game.

Feb. 25 vs. Pelicans

Harrison Barnes bounce-back game!

Feb. 27 vs. Heat

An anti-Dwyane Wade chant breaks out.

Mar. 1 at Hawks


Mar. 3 vs. Grizzlies

This, but with the basketball:

Mar. 5 vs. Thunder

Russell Westbrook quadruple-double watch.

Mar. 7 vs. Lakers

Dirk’s shot chart for this game:

Mar. 10 vs. Nets

Blowout win for the Mavs.

Mar. 11 vs. Suns

The Mavericks drop a very winnable game at home.

Mar. 13 at Raptors

Dwight Powell does good basketball things while in his home country.

Mar. 15 at Wizards

Buzzer beater is waved off, Mavs win.

Mar. 17 at 76ers

Get in. Win. Get out.

Mar. 19 at Nets

Mar. 21 vs. Warriors

JaVale McGee revenge game.

Mar. 23 vs. Clippers

Dirk’s gonna make Steve Ballmer do that weird neck rub thing where his head goes all red.

Mar. 25 vs. Raptors

Harrison Barnes scores 30, leading Dallas to victory.

Mar. 27 vs. Thunder

This guy will probably kill us.

Mar. 29 at Pelicans

Ho-hum, Mavs lose by 10.

Mar. 31 at Grizzlies

Will the Grizzlies have any starters available for this one?

Apr. 2 at Bucks

Not a single player can keep up with Thon Maker.

Apr. 4 at Kings

Apr. 5 at Clippers

Barea and Mejri are the real lob city.

Apr. 7 vs. Spurs

Spurs rest their starting five, but still push the Mavs to the edge.

Apr. 9 at Suns

Here comes the Suns, but the Mavs take this one.

Apr. 11 vs. Nuggets

Playoff seeds have been set, so the veterans have the night off.

Apr. 12 at Grizzlies

Chandler Parsons looks sharp in his suit.