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3 things we learned from the Mavericks’ 121-130 OT loss to the Pacers

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Mavs hustle to force OT but end up falling to the Pacers in the season opener.

NBA: Dallas Mavericks at Indiana Pacers Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Mavericks started this season off slowly out of the gates but were able to cut a 12 point deficit after one quarter to 5 at the half. Offensively Paul George dominating but would cool off after that.

Every Mavs rally would be met with a Pacers rally with Dallas unable to grab a lead in the first three quarters. However the Mavericks would surge in the fourth quarter on the strength of their defense and deep ball to tie the game and force overtime on a deep ball from Harrison Barnes! Excuse me, that’s Max Contract Player Harrison Barnes.

With two minutes left in OT the Pacers would go on a run that Dallas wouldn’t be able to overcome. The Mavericks would end up losing 130-121.

Myles Turner had an outstanding night with 5 of his 30 points coming in OT on a dagger 3 and a dunk just for fun. The second year center out of Texas looked like a veteran tonight notching 16 boards and 4 blocks to accompany his excellent offensive performance.

Tonight was a solid showing from Dallas on the road against a team that looks to be playoff caliber in the east. My main qualm with tonight was putting Dirk on the floor for 38 minutes (3 more than Harrison Barnes), but overall I’m content with this game.

J.J. Barea will be key to bench scoring

Last year when Barea was asked to start for an extended streak he stepped up. This year the Mavs will need him to continue that role as the spark plug off the bench.

Barea’s penetration and facilitating get the second unit offense rolling. Without his aggressiveness the bench offense tends to get stagnant. Tonight Barea was driving, drawing fouls and making things happen just how you like to see from him.

Whenever JJ checked into the game early moving Deron WIlliams to the off guard, Williams’ offense came alive. Williams received a bunch of open triples, a couple off of Barea penetration, and knocked them down with confidence.

Matthews’ shot looked flat but the athleticism is returning

Don’t look at Matthews’ stats from tonight to get the full picture of his effectiveness. Wes’ shot deserted him for most of the night but Matthews hit a clutch three to tie the game with two minutes left in the game.

Driving to the rim looked better tonight for Matthews than it did all last season. The athleticism also played out well on the defensive side of the floor with Matthews shutting down several of the Pacers offensive possessions.

Point success is key for this team

This team has more good three point shooters than most Mavs teams in recent history. Deron Williams was hot from deep tonight, as were Dirk and JJ Barea. Even with Matthews having a difficult night from deep, the Mavs hit 18 of their 48 three point shots tonight.

Had Seth Curry not fouled out in the third quarter, he might have contributed more to the three point party had by the Mavs tonight. Also Harrison Barnes late in the game joined the triple troops with a game-tying three to force OT and a late overtime deep ball to keep the Mavericks hope alive.