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Watch Seth Curry score 13 points in a quarter

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Curry showed why his talent is so appealing in five short minutes.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Who's ready for some preseason hyperbole? Seth Curry came out shooting hot in the third quarter of the Mavericks preseason game against the Hornets. The former King went for 13 points in the last five minutes of the quarter with a scoring flurry that's become synonymous with the name Curry. There usually isn't too much buzz in an arena during the third quarter of a preseason game, but Curry managed to get a few oohs and ahhhs from a scattered crowed at the American Airlines Center.

Curry finished the game with 20 points on 5-6 from three. He's the most tantalizing player on the roster and the hype train will only gain more steam after this performance. Dallas desperately needs offensive firepower on a roster that, for once, is built on defensive ability. Curry's ability to weave in and out of traffic with his handle is exceptional for a guy with his athletic ability. This definitely won't be his last scoring flurry.