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The Mavericks decided this offseason to stop staying in Trump hotels

However, it doesn’t seem like this is an overt political statement from the team.

Anti-Trump Rally In Front Of Trump Tower In New York Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

The Dallas Mavericks are not staying at Donald Trump-branded hotels during their trips to New York and Chicago this season, according to an report. The team made that decision during the offseason.

In previous seasons, the Mavericks have stayed at the Trump SoHo hotel in New York during road trips. However, the team’s decision not to do that this year — especially given the decision was made months ago — appears more likely to be an attempt to avoid a political statement, rather than give one.

Mark Cuban was incredibly outspoken against Trump during the 2016 Election, which could have factored into the decision. The team usually books hotels in early August.

When asked about the national anthem protests happening in the NFL, the Mavericks talked about how any action they took would be done as a team. Dallas did not end up protesting the anthem in any manner this season.

Likewise, this doesn’t appear to be a team-wide decision to protest Trump. Instead, due to the strange situation of real estate being branded by someone who is now the presidential-elect, it’s just a team trying to avoid what could be seen as an endorsement for a certain political party.