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If Dirk Nowitzki was a Thanksgiving side dish, what would he be?

Happy Thanksgiving!

For Americans: happy Thanksgiving! For non-Americans: man, y’all are missing out on a dope as hell dinner today. Seriously, we have some bad traditions here in this country, but this ain’t one of them.

We have a turkey-themed roundtable discussion for anyone trying to avoid talk about politics or how school is going or, well ... any conversation at all. Hope this helps!

On Thanksgiving, what about the Mavericks are you thankful for?

Danny Webster: I'm thankful for future Dallas Maverick superstar Markelle Fultz. Oh, and for Harrison Barnes not being complete garbage so far.

Bailey Rogers: I'm thankful for Wes Matthews excellent hair this season.

Rebecca Lawson: I'm thankful that The Harrison Barnes Experiment has seemingly worked out so well. I had low expectations coming into the season, and was definitely #TeamParsons in the great offseason debate. But Barnes has more than proven me and many of us wrong, and I'm happy for him to be a franchise player for many years if that's how it works out.

James Park: I too am thankful for Barnes. But for his mid-range efficiencies, the Mavs would have been blown out in more games than not. Learning to cope with the team losing on a consistent basis is hard enough, thank Barnes for at least keeping some of these close.

Daniel Const: Thankful that I didn't decide to follow the Orlando Magic all those years ago.

Doyle Rader: I'm thankful that despite continually losing, the Mavs haven't driven me into a deep depression. I somehow still find things to enjoy about this team even if I sometimes do so sarcastically. Also, I watched the team in the 90s. It isn't that bad. At least not yet.

Mark Campbell: I'm thankful Harrison Barnes is really really really good. I think that's the most (only?) exciting thing this season has for us. With Dirk's exit looming, the point guard situation being poopy, and Wes' numbers being awful, Harrison Barnes makes me actually hopeful for something.

Tim Cato: I’m thankful for this site, our two excellent editors Rebecca and Kate, our extremely lit staff (except for Austin who sucks), and a Mavericks community that blows any other one out of the water. Seriously, I’m a full-time SB Nation writer now and one of these days I may end up focusing solely on that, but this site is hugely important to me so thanks all you guys for that. The only thing I don’t like about this site is that the articles don’t support emojis but if they did imagine like one million hearts coming right after this sentence, and not just the plain red hearts, but the sparkly ones and also the emoji that has two hearts in the same emoji. Yeah.

If Dirk Nowitzki was a traditional Thanksgiving side dish, what would he be?

Rebecca: Stuffing/dressing. The thing that everyone likes the most (come on, admit it) and the glue that holds Thanksgiving dinner together.

James: Nowitzki is easily the turkey. The main attraction, what we all look forward too. Also, Canadian Thanksgiving was over a month ago. Y'all are weird.

Daniel: A Bratwurst. Not sure if that's a Thanksgiving side dish, never been to one.

Doyle: Since Barnes is now the turkey, I'll say that Dirk is the gravy. Everyone loves gravy and it complements almost everything on your plate.

Mark: He's definitely beer. What is thanksgiving without beer? He's german. He's beer. Not that Michelob fufu stuff. I'm talkin about BURR. Shiner, Guinness, whatever. He's beer.

Tim: I asked for a side dish and literally one person gave an actual side dish. Thanks Rebecca. I take back all the nice things I said about the rest of y’all in my previous answer.

Mashed potatoes is the correct answer. The best side dish and the best Maverick of all time.