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The Mavericks revoke season credentials for ESPN’s Tim MacMahon and Marc Stein

The writers will not be allowed as media members at Mavericks home games.

The Dallas Mavericks have revoked the season media credentials of’s Tim MacMahon and Marc Stein, several sources confirmed Sunday. Neither reporter has been allowed to attend home games since a home game last Friday.

MacMahon’s role at ESPN changed this year, transitioning from a full-time Mavericks beat writer to a more general NBA position that included other teams, something Cuban was unhappy with. After ESPN failed to return MacMahon to a full-time beat position, Cuban followed through on an initial warning and revoked his and Stein’s credentials.

MacMahon covered the Mavericks’ home opener and all three road game, but will not be credentialed for games in Dallas. MacMahon is based in Dallas, as is Stein, who has been a widely known national NBA writer at for years.

“We’re committed to thoroughly covering the Mavs and the NBA,” ESPN spokesperson Josh Krulewitz said in a statement. Tim MacMahon declined comment.

When reached, the NBA issued this statement: "We are in communication with both ESPN and Mark Cuban about this matter."

It is not clear whether the ban applies solely to MacMahon and Stein, or all writers. At least one media member credentialed by ESPN Radio based in Dallas attended the Mavericks’ game on Sunday. Currently, MacMahon is still on the Dallas Mavericks beat, and is able to continue covering the team on the road.

Mark Cuban and the team declined comment for this story. Cuban told Art Garcia, “They’re not banned from the building. They can still buy a ticket.”