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ESPN writers issue statement about Mark Cuban’s decision to revoke credentials

Here’s what’s Tim MacMahon and Marc Stein have to say about the situation.

There’s still no resolution to the Dallas Mavericks revoking season media credentials for ESPN writers Tim MacMahon and Marc Stein, along with all other writers.

On Tuesday, MacMahon and Stein issued a joint statement through ESPN’s media site. Here it is.

We want to thank our colleagues throughout the media and the NBA, fellow Professional Basketball Writers Association members and, most of all, ESPN readers and viewers who have offered such tremendous support over the past few days.

The circumstances that led the Mavericks to deny us entry to their home games remain very difficult to understand, given that the NBA has always been one of the most media-friendly leagues in the world. Yet we’re hopeful that a resolution is near.

Until then, nothing about the objective and aggressive manner in which we cover the league and its teams will change.

Mark Cuban says the ban has nothing to do with what stories have been written or MacMahon’s increased role this year (although sources still tell me that was a factor in this situation). Here’s my story from this morning about the situation, and here’s Cuban’s full email sent to me.

Cuban may have some points. That said, his statement advocating for more media coverage has left him with less, and it has made the lives of two well respected journalists much more difficult. He may be hoping to change journalism in the future, but he’s still dictating the way it is being done in the present, and that’s questionable at best.

MacMahon may not be allowed to attend Dallas home games, but he will continue to cover the team on the road and at practices. He’s currently in Los Angeles for the Mavericks’ clash against the Lakers.