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Every important NBA trade deadline rumor involving the Mavericks

Here's everything you need to know that might involve Dallas leading up to Feb. 18's trade deadline.

The NBA's trade deadline is nearing on February 18th and it's unlikely that the Mavericks make a big move. Mark Cuban has said several times that the Mavericks like where they are, plus they don't have a whole lot of assets to move. And anyway, after last year's disastrous Rajon Rondo deal, Dallas might be just a little trigger shy. But still, regardless, the Mavericks will be on the phones.

This post will be constantly updated through the trade deadline.

Here's an overview of what the Mavericks might be looking for and what they could trade.


J.J. Hickson: will be bought out

Steve Novak: will be bought out

Lance Stephenson: will not be bought out

DeJuan Blair: will be bought out

Joe Johnson: will probably not be bought out

David Lee: will "almost certainly" be bought out

Kevin Martin: no word yet

Anderson Varejao: has been waived


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Feb. 18: The Cavaliers have traded for Channing Frye. Anderson Varejao will end up in Portland, somehow.

Feb. 18: Houston Rockets trade Donatas Motiejunas and Marcus Thornton to Detroit for a protected first rounder and Joel Anthony.

Analysis: This just makes it less and less likely that the Rockets will go on some late season tear and threaten to pass Dallas. They're sellers. (lol)

Feb. 16: Pistons trade Brandon Jennings and Ersan Ilyasova for Orlando's Tobias Harris.

Analysis: It's possible that this could open up a small fire sale with the Magic, as they look to unload a piece or two. Channing Frye is definitely a name to keep an eye on in case he becomes available. Beyond him, though, I don't anticipate this move affecting the Mavericks one way or another.

Feb. 16: Courtney Lee is going to Charlotte. In return, Memphis sends back Brian Roberts, P.J. Hairston and two second rounders.

Analysis: That's a cheap price for Lee, so it might be worth inquiring about former Mavericks Brandan Wright or Vince Carter. Although honestly, I'm not even sure how much those two could help, given Wright's injuries and Carter being just about completely washed.


Feb. 18: The Mavericks might be a "dark horse" for the Kings' Ben McLemore.

Analysis: Hmm. I bet it still doesn't happen, but McLemore-for-Felton wouldn't be the worst idea ever.

Feb. 18: Donnie Nelson says that the Dallas Mavericks won't make any moves.

Feb. 18: Anderson Varejao will be waived by the Trail Blazers, making him one of the more interesting names on the buyout market.

Feb. 18: Yahoo reports that the Rockets won't buy out Ty Lawson, not that Dallas would have had interest anyway.

Analysis: Young makes $11 million and has three years left on his deal. Without trading Dirk, Parsons, Matthews, Deron or Pachulia (which they obviously won't), it would be very difficult to match Young's salary. You'd have to trade two of the three backup guards in Harris, Felton and Barea, which seems very unlikely, even if you got another guard like Shane Larkin back. Here's a potential deal I suggested on Twitter, but in all likelihood, I doubt this happens.

Feb. 18: Sean Marks was literally announced today as Brooklyn's general manager. The Nets are already getting calls about potential trades for Thaddeus Young.

Analysis: I doubt the Mavericks are interested with this roster, but interestingly enough, they did reportedly have a deal in the works involving Young prior to Amar'e Stoudemire becoming available last year.

Feb. 18: Joe Johnson may want to stay in Brooklyn past this year, meaning he wouldn't be a buyout candidate.

Feb. 18: Boston "isn't willing to pay the premium" to get Dwight Howard or Al Horford so far.

Feb. 18: Sources on the Bulls think it's unlikely that the Pau Gasol-to-Sacramento trade goes through today.

Feb. 17: Kevin Love, Iman Shumpert are both expected to remain Cavaliers this All-Star break.

Feb. 17: The Houston Rockets are still shopping Dwight Howard actively.

Analysis: The Mavericks simply don't have anything to trade for Dwight. If they have interest in signing him this summer, which they may or may not, their best bet is probably that no trade happens, because all these deadline rumors make it unlikely that he'll return to Houston.

Feb. 17: The Celtics are the top candidate for Al Horford, if Atlanta does trade the big man.

Feb. 17: Kevin Martin hopes to be traded by the Timberwolves.

Analysis: The Mavericks are hoping he's not traded and, instead, bought out following the deadline. I think he'd be their top buyout candidate if that goes through.

Feb. 17: The Dream Shake doesn't see Ty Lawson being traded anywhere at the trade deadline.

Feb. 17: No Mike Conley buzz for now.

Feb. 17: The Bulls are "aggressively" shopping Pau Gasol, while the Pelicans are actively trying to trade Ryan Anderson, says Wojnarowski.

Feb. 16: Darren Collison isn't interested in leaving Sacramento, says Darren Collison.

Feb. 16: The Mavericks would be interested in Minnesota's Kevin Martin if he's bought out, but they don't want to trade for him.

Feb. 16: The Pacers are shopping Chase Budinger.

Feb. 16: There's a good chance that the Pelicans' Ryan Anderson is traded prior to the deadline.

Feb. 16: Pistons and Magic making progress on a trade that would swap Tobias Harris for Brandon Jennings and Ersan Ilyasova.

Update: This trade is complete.

Feb. 16: Players that will "almost certainly" be bought out if they aren't traded: J.J. Hickson, Andrea Bargnani and David Lee.

Analysis: Hard pass on the first two, but David Lee is a name to keep an eye on. In certain situations, he'd be an upgrade over Dwight Powell.

Feb. 16: Timberwolves actively shopping Kevin Martin and Adreian Payne, listening to offers for Ricky Rubio

Feb. 15: Ben McLemore wants the Sacramento Kings to trade him.

Analysis: Our own Josh Bowe suggests a straight up trade of McLemore and Raymond Felton (plus a second round pick, probably), and honestly, I like the idea of that. McLemore is very similar to John Jenkins, except a bit bigger and a more proven shooter. While I still think the Mavericks don't make any trades, and Carlisle likes having Felton as a veteran security blanket, this is the time of small move Dallas could make if they like McLemore enough.

Feb. 15: Horford-Whiteside-Dwight three-way deal? Source is not a known news breaker, though, so take it with a grain of salt.

Feb. 15: Dwight Howard could be moved by the trade deadline in a deal with the Miami Heat involving Hassan Whiteside, per Frank Isola.

Feb. 15: The Clippers have reportedly offered Blake Griffin and Lance Stephenson to Denver for Nikola Jokic, Will Barton, Danilo Gallinari and Kenneth Faried, although it's ESPN's Chris Broussard who's reporting that.

Feb. 14: Miami is open to trading Hassan Whiteside, who will be a free agent this summer

Feb. 14: Rumors continue to swirl around Al Horford, but the Hawks are not "actively shopping" the soon-to-be free agent

Feb. 14: The Celtics still aren't finding any suitors for David Lee, despite wanting to trade him.

Analysis: There's an argument to be made that there's no NBA Lee can really help with the way the game has changed, considering he a) doesn't play defense and b) doesn't space the floor. But I think the Mavericks could do worse at backup power forward than Lee, honestly, if they had him here and were playing him 15 minutes a game or so. The problem is, with Lee on the hook for $15 million this season, there's simply no way to get him here. The Mavericks don't have expendable parts that add up to that, not even close. Ah well. Moving on.

Feb. 12: The craziest trade rumor so far is that the Cavaliers, Celtics and Knicks are discussing a megaswap involving Kevin Love and Carmelo Anthony. Yeah, I explain why that's not gonna happen.

Feb. 12: The Dream Shake says that regardless what happens with Dwight at the trade deadline, it's time for the Rockets to move on.

Feb. 12: Chicago could try to make a "win now" move.

Analysis: Trading someone like Taj Gibson isn't a win now move, and beyond that, I can't imagine that there's any deal between the two teams that would interest Dallas.

Feb. 11: The Hawks are listening to phone calls from everyone regarding their roster.

Feb. 11: The Rockets are contacting teams about moving Dwight Howard, who is in the final year of his deal.

Analysis: Earlier reports said Houston wanted to hold onto Howard. However, I'd side with this newer report from the trusted Adrian Wojnarowski.

Feb. 10: Magic are looking to make a "big move."

Analysis: If Tobias Harris became available, he's a name the Mavericks should inquire about, as unrealistic as that might be.

Feb. 10: The Hawks might be ready to "blow it up"

Feb. 9: The Kings rejected a deal involving Timofey Mozgov.

Feb. 9: Larry Sanders may be returning to the NBA soon

Analysis: Not explicitly trade related, but something to keep an eye on nonetheless.

Feb. 4: The Mavericks want Dwight Howard in free agency and Houston probably isn't dealing him at the deadline

Feb. 4: Pistons probably won't trade Ersan Ilyasova, Anthony Tolliver

Feb. 3: Dwight Howard to Boston doesn't make much sense

Feb. 2: The Clippers want to trade for Rudy Gay

Feb. 2: Don't rule out the Hawks trading Al Horford

Feb. 1: Mark Cuban doesn't "even know when the trade deadline is"

Analysis: Sure, the Mavericks are unlikely to make a trade. But we've learned by now not to take everything Cuban says at face value.

Jan. 29: Dwight Howard isn't getting traded

Jan. 29: Would Jeff Teague make sense in Dallas?

Analysis: We wrote about a potential Deron Williams for Jeff Teague swap, although that in all likelihood won't happen.

Jan. 29: Lakers' Roy Hibbert, Nick Young and Brandon Bass all available

Jan. 27: Jeff Teague is available to be traded

Jan. 20: Lakers "expected" to move Brandon Bass