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Mark Cuban says the Mavericks are 'trying to be' active at the trade deadline

Dallas is looking to upgrade their underperforming bench as the deadline approached on Thursday.

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

While the Mavericks are cautious not to repeat the failings of last year's Rajon Rondo trade, they will be active at the trade deadline, team owner Mark Cuban said in an interview on The Musers of 1310 AM The Ticket on Tuesday morning.

"Yeah, we're trying to be!" Cuban said. "We're trying to be! I don't think there's going to be any swinging for the fences kind of deals. We think we have some room to maneuver to improve our bench, but I don't think there's going to be any blockbuster type deals or anything like that."

There has been a jumble of trade rumors and a couple trades so far this season, all of which you can catch up on right here. However, even if the Mavericks wanted to make a play for one of the larger names like Dwight Howard or Al Horford, they really don't have the assets to incentivize such a deal nor players with contracts that could match up to facilitate a larger move. Smaller, bench moves just make more sense.

"Mostly, 'this guy hasn't really performed to expectations on our bench, this guy hasn't really performed to expectations on yours,' maybe a change of scenery type thing," Cuban said. "We're not close (to anything), but we're certainly having conversations."

And sure, if the right trade offer came along, Cuban and Donnie Nelson are listening. But let's be honest: there's little to no chance of a truly blockbuster offer coming along.

"Maybe there's three or four guys in the league where the answer's 'yes,' no matter what they want, other than Dirk," Cuban said. "But we're not getting those offers."