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The Mavericks have a Redhead Night promotion, but we're not sure why

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The minds in the Mavs marketing department are launching their new promotion celebrating gingers.

Promotion nights are a fun way for teams to bring different groups of people to their games. Many times the ideas are overused and uninspired. This one is, if nothing else, original.

Never have I ever heard of a redhead night promotion, so props to you Mavs marketers. Redhead night will be Wednesday March 9 against the Pistons. The promotion includes discounted tickets, promotional shirts, McDonald's meal voucher, and a photobooth with Ronald McDonald guest starring.

The Mavericks are empowering a marginalized group of people, those who have been persecuted simply because their hair looks as if it were on fire. These oppressed people can now proudly wear their hair in all its fiery goodness proudly while cheering on their Mavericks.

Nowhere in the press release do they say the event is sponsored by McDonald's, but it's probably sponsored by McDonald's. Ronald himself has been a vocal proponent of redhead rights and redhead appreciation for quite some time as the cause is near and dear to his hair heart.

So go out there and reap the benefits of your hair through meal vouchers, t-shirts, and pictures with a clown. Boldly declare "I'm redheaded and proud" from the top of your hair to the souls of your shoes. This night is for you!