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The Mavericks sent a clear signal that they won't be making any trades

Donnie Nelson will talk earlier than usual.

Mavericks' general manager Donnie Nelson will be available to media members at 12 p.m. Central on Thursday, two hours before the trade deadline hits. That's a clear sign that Dallas won't be very active prior to the actual deadline.

Donnie always has a media appearance on the day of the trade deadline, but typically, it's right at 2 p.m., when the trade deadline is hitting. That the Mavericks and Nelson have chosen to give it early only indicates Dallas will be quiet.

Of course, I suppose it's possible the Mavericks will be announcing a trade, but that seems less than likely, given a complete lack of buzz anywhere about Dallas at the deadline. I guess we'll find out at noon central!

Until we know for sure, you can follow all the trade buzz and rumors right here.