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Mavericks are frontrunners to sign David Lee off waivers, per report

Dallas is in the lead for the Celtics' veteran.

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Mavericks are "significant frontrunners" for David Lee, who was just bought out by the Boston Celtics and will be free to sign with any NBA team after clearing waivers, per Yahoo's Shams Charania.

This is good news. The Mavericks didn't make a move at the NBA trade deadline, as anticipated, but there was always a good chance that they pursued someone on the buyout market. Lee is a veteran of three teams and should be able to quickly adjust to Dallas' system, a crucial aspect of any player the Mavericks bring in given that there's slightly less than two months left in the season.

Lee would fit into Dallas as a backup power forward or sometimes center with skills as a roll man, a skill he has been very good at throughout his career. He's not a good defender and he doesn't space the floor much, so the Mavericks would be smart not to rely on him too much if they are able to nab him. But despite being neglected by his last two teams, Lee does have real NBA skills that Dallas could take advantage of.

The likely candidate to be cut to free up space for Lee would either be John Jenkins or Charlie Villanueva, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. More on this story as news develops.