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Dallas throws away an easy win, loses 110-104 to Orlando

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Dallas loses via free throws. Dammit.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, a Mavs game went to overtime! I know, you're just *so* surprised. This neeeeever happens. But hell, they were just trying to lose once we got past the third quarter. After that first quarter, I was expecting to be writing about a really depressing loss. So I guess it all worked out?

Aside from the first, Dallas looked really in control of this game. Until they weren't. Orlando isn't a great team, and on top of that they're incorporating two new trade pieces--one of whom is Brandon Jennings. So it wasn't exactly optimistic to assume Dallas would dominate tonight. But that's just not what happened.

Hey, maybe you should make your free throws.

You know, when you lose an overtime game against a bad Eastern Conference team while shooting 61% on your free throws, you should really, really think about your life. I really don't know how else to say this.


Sorry. I'm not bitter. Dallas went out of its way to blow this one. This may be the most embarrassing loss of the season. And that's saying something.

Chandler Parsons owns Orlando

So help me, this beautiful man hit all 6 of his first 6 three-point attempts. No one looked good in the first quarter, but after that, Parsons in particular looked quite--pulls down sunglasses--at home. (Other than that insanely embarrassing late game turnover. I'm going to ignore that because it messes with my narrative.)

Parsons didn't take any free throws tonight. This is how he has avoided my ire. That and his charming good looks. 24 points isn't bad, but I would've liked to have seen him take over in overtime while his teammates were shitting the bed.

I love having good Deron Williams in Dallas

Until Parsons took over, it really felt like DWill WAS the Dallas offense. 25 points, 7 assists, and 4 rebounds. DWill may have been the best Mav tonight. He also missed a free throw. Like everyone else.

Zaza is the most interesting man in the world

Who else do you know that can miss five shots and grab 6 rebounds in the first three minutes of an NBA basketball game? The badass from Georgia notched his 23rd double-double of the season tonight. He had 18 rebounds. Also, when the Mavs dominance came to an end in the 4th quarter, Zaza was instrumental in holding the lead. Dallas was holding onto a 2-point lead with just under 5 left, when Zaza drew a foul against Orlando newcomer Ersan Illyasova. Oh by the way, that was Illyasova's 6th foul.

Unfortunately, Zaza also missed 3 free throws. I'm sensing a theme here.

There's really not much more to say. Tonight sucked. Dallas played one of its worst quarters of the season, then overcame it to dominate an inferior team, then completely blew it. That's what happened. At least it was an early tip, so some of us can do something else with our nights.

Once more, with feeling: MAKE YOUR DAMN FREE THROWS.