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The MMB Podcast, Ep. 14: David Lee is a Maverick & a spirited hamburger debate

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In which our food podcast gets interrupted by basketball talk.

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, we're back with another Mavs Moneyball podcast. The podcast was recorded prior to the David Lee news becoming official, so our buyout section is slightly outdated, but we all agree on liking Lee, so that's good. We proceed to talk about what we think the team will look like next year, with Deron Williams probably coming back and Zaza Pachulia almost certainly not.

We also talk a lot about food, because food is good and we have spirited opinions on all sorts of it. Mostly Whataburger, which is clearly better than that trash ass restaurant Jack In The Box no matter what Gallagher says.

Anyway, enjoy!