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Zaza Takes a Tumble

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Early in the first quarter of Wednesday's game Zaza Pachulia and Steven Adams hugged each other while falling to the ground.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

In the live action of the game this happened so fast you could have easily missed it. Watching it again I have so many questions, but since I don't have Zaza's digits I'm just going to wildly speculate on what went through his and Steven Adam's minds during this brief and special moment.

Maybe Zaza was just going in for a quick hug and Adams was feeling lonely and decided to bring Zaza to the floor with him. It could be that in their embrace Zaza said something about Adams' wife being a honey nut cheerio or whatever so Adams dropped him like third period french.

Or is it that they were rehearsing for their summer reshoot of The Revenant where Adams is bear hugging Zaza in an emotional death scene of the bear. I have not actually seen the movie so my understanding of the film could be a bit off if I'm being completely honest.

It might be more likely that they were practicing the tango and their feet just got tangled. 7 footers are notoriously clumsy but I imagine that it was Adams' fault as Zaza's footwork is solid. That's quite enough stupid jokes out of me for now. If you have a better theory drop that bad boy in the comment section.