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Dirk Nowitzki has impeccable taste in music

In which I defend popular '90s bands and encourage you to give them a listen.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Friend of the site and writer Bobby Karalla had a fun piece yesterday talking about the team and the music they listen to both behind the scenes and in pregame layup lines. Give it a read, it has a lot of great and somewhat surprising tidbits that you were all dying to know about the players' music taste. For example, apparently J.J. Barea is a big reggae fan, and JaVale McGee knows the most about music of the whole team.

I want to talk about the team's fearless leader though, one Dirk Nowitzki. Apparently not everyone on the team was a big fan of Dirk's taste in music, which trends towards '90s hits:

While you might find a lot of players who will make fun of Dirk's musical catalog, the always-polite Evans played nice. "Some of it's kind of cool," he said, smiling. "Just depends on what mood we're in."

Apparently Dirk counts Counting Crows and Matchbox Twenty among his favorite bands. Well then. Dirk and I have much in common! For those of you too young or too cool to know much about either band, Counting Crows was The Avett Brothers before The Avett Brothers, and Matchbox Twenty is a really underrated band that I may or may not have seen six times live, what, do you want to fight about it?

In my very humble opinion, the best songs from both bands are songs you've never heard if you only listen(ed) to the radio hits, and Counting Crows actually put out an amazing album less than two years back.

So I'll be out here on my limb with Dirk, listening to "A Long December" and "Unwell"*, and y'all can have Future if you want. In the meantime, please enjoy this timeless video of Dirk on stage with The Avett Brothers:

* Songs very much not chosen at random.