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NBA says Dirk Nowitzki was fouled by Kyrie Irving on game-deciding play

The NBA took a second look at the Dirk/Kyrie Irving no-call from last night's game.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA released its Last Two Minute Report this afternoon, where they reviewed foul calls (or no-calls) from the Mavericks-Cavaliers game last night. As we know, last night's game featured what appeared to be a fairly obvious no-call as Kyrie Irving appeared to foul Dirk Nowitzki with just five seconds left, in what would be the game's deciding play.

The NBA's report, which you can see here, corrects that call, stating that the officials should have called Irving for a personal foul. Though you can never say for certain, calling that foul would have given Dallas a much better shot of winning the game.

Here's the play again:

Also of note, considering Mark Cuban's comments about officials not calling three second violations earlier this season, the play just above the Dirk/Kyrie incorrect non-call on the NBA's report notes that the officials missed calling Tristan Thompson for a three second violation.

For those unfamiliar with this report (I generally knew it existed, but didn't really know much about it before writing this), a little background from itself. Reviews are conducted for games that are within five points at the two minute mark of regulation.

The plays assessed include all calls (whistles) and notable non-calls. Notable non-calls will generally be defined as material plays directly related to the outcome of a possession. Calls that are indirectly related to the outcome (e.g., a non-call on contact away from the play) and/or plays that are only observable with the help of a stop-watch, zoom or other technical support, but have some merit in reporting, are denoted with an *. The league may change an opinion after further review, particularly when a new video angle becomes available.