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4 things from the Mavericks' valiant 130-112 loss to the Warriors

The Mavs stayed in the game against the league's hottest team, but couldn't manage to get a win in the end.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The Mavericks played the Warriors tonight in a game that, frankly, I did not expect to be close.  There were a few runs by the Warriors where I thought it might be over, but the Mavs kept it close until basically the final three minutes, when the Dubs finally pulled away. Parsons was injured in the game and we'll have more on that as soon as we know anything; same with Wesley Matthews, who had a really scary moment but remained in the game somehow.

A few thoughts:

David Lee showed UP against his former team

Man, has David Lee been a nice surprise since his arrival in Dallas. He was a game time decision tonight against his former team, but he really seemed to be EVERYWHERE tonight, notching a double-double just a little ways into the second quarter, and finishing with 16 points and 16 rebounds. Have to admit, I wasn't sure what to expect with him, but I think I've seen enough to officially crown him Rick Carlisle's latest rehab project. Dude can ball, and I'm thrilled he's here.

Moar Justin Anderson pls

The rookie has gotten some run in the past several games, and tonight was no exception. He had several spectacular plays in both halves, including a great block in the first and a couple of fantastic defensive sequences in the second half (after one of which, he proceeded to hype up the AAC crowd. I really hope Rick Carlisle has decided to give the rook a little more leash, as it seems he has, because the way he's been playing, his improving defense could be a key piece if the Mavs can get into the playoffs.

Turns out, Parsons is essential

When Chandler Parsons went out a bit into the third quarter with what's being called a right hamstring strain, the Mavs appeared at first to not miss him terribly much: the aforementioned Justin Anderson made a couple nice plays, Dirk made some nice Dirk-like shots, David Lee continued to play a lovely game, and the Warriors were nice enough to miss a bunch of shots they usually make. But, Parsons has become this team's go-to guy lately, and based just on the insane amount of shots missed by the Mavs at the end of the game, it seems fair to say that not having Parsons down the stretch hurt quite a bit. (No pun intended.)

Get well soon, buddy.

Stephen Curry remains unfair imo