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Wesley Matthews responds to fans who hoped he was hurt: 'Sorry to disappoint'

Wesley Matthews went down in a heap against the Warriors on Friday and immediately, from the way it happened, you couldn't help but think the worst. We're still amazed that Matthews stayed in the game after landing on his knee like this, which only adds to his reputation as being Ironman.

After the injury, though, some people were apparently thought it'd be better if he stayed out. Matthews has struggled greatly this season, shooting 38 percent from the floor and 34 percent from behind the arc, both well below his career averages. His impact has been felt in other areas, with his defense picking back up of late, but certainly it's been a rough stretch for Matthews as he continues to recover from an Achilles injury, the worst injury in basketball. Still, with an $80-million contract given to him last summer, the Mavericks have to keep sticking with Matthews, who is still confident in himself -- clearly evident here.

That's the spirit. When you really read about Matthews' recovery, you know this isn't anything he can control. You have to think that there's a good chance Matthews finally figures it out, too.