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Deron Williams will miss at least 2 games with abdominal strain, Rick Carlisle says

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Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports

Deron Williams will be sent home to Dallas with an abdominal strain that will cause him to miss the Mavericks' next two games and possibly keep him out longer than that, Rick Carlisle said after Saturday's practice.

The Mavericks play the Kings on Sunday and the Nuggets on Monday, a back-to-back that may determine their playoff fate. After losing to the Warriors on Friday, Dallas desperately needs wins. Already missing Chandler Parsons, who is out for the year after undergoing knee surgery on his torn meniscus, the Mavericks will now have to win these games without their starting point guard, too. That's tough, given a big part of my plan for the Mavericks to survive without Parsons involved Deron's increased play.

Williams has remarkably healthy, all things considered, playing 62 of the team's 72 games this year. Considering how his seasons in Brooklyn went, that's a massive improvement. But missing him now is painful, and somehow, if Dallas wants their playoff hopes to be recognized, they'll have to find a way to win without him.