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Parsons dishes Dirk's style and relationship with Carlisle on 'Sources Say' podcast

Also: rehab from his injury and some thoughts on Orlando.

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Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Recent rumblings about Parsons' impending free agency have had folks wondering if his tenure in Dallas might be shorter lived than we Mavericks fans would like, with ESPN's Tim MacMahon reporting that Parsons would be hotly pursued by his hometown Orlando Magic this offseason.

On the Sources Say podcast, Juliet Litman and Chris Ryan talked to Parsons in a wide-ranging interview, that covered topics such as:

  • Parsons' rehab from injury and the difficulties that came with not being able to properly train as he normally would in an offseason.
  • Training with Dirk and how much working with Dirk has helped his game, and how Parsons has tried to influence his style: "I have him now wearing some Del I just gotta tighten up his jeans so we can see the shoe."
  • Most pressing for us fans, on Parsons' relationship with Rick Carlisle: "I want to play for him for a long time."
  • And most pressing overall, Parsons' thoughts on this season of 'The Bachelor.'

Listen in below for Juliet's and Chris' fantastic interview with Parsons.