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The Mavericks blew a sure win because they botched an inbounds play

This should have been a win in regulation for Dallas.

Up 108-104, Wesley Matthews rotated across the lane for a close block-charge call. It was ruled a block, though, and Denver pulled within two points. Still, with seconds left, all Dallas needed was a successful inbounds. They didn't get it.

This is tough. The entire execution of the play seems slow -- Matthews, in particular, doesn't really break hard, although perhaps I'm misreading it. It looked like Parsons missed Deron right here, but his man had just come off faceguarding him to try and steal it, so there's at least some reason for the hesitation.

After that, I'd prefer Parsons to throw it off the legs rather than straight forcing it to someone who wasn't open, which was the case. Seeing it bounce straight to Denver isn't fortuitous, of course.

For the sharpest observers, you might have noticed Nuggets coach Mike Malone's sideline defense, too. Here's a closer look.

Man. There's nothing illegal about that (he's within his coaching box and doesn't make contact) and it probably didn't affect Parsons whatsoever, but you have to wonder.

The Mavericks are currently in overtime, so we'll see if they really, truly blow this or not.